This project is pretty straightforward and its origination story can be found here.

I love maps [undergrad geography major that I am] and New York and feminism and Rebecca Solnit. So why not bring the City of Women map to life? What joy!

Here’s the plan: I’ll carry out a bit of research for each woman, ride the subway, actually put her in the map-designated station, photograph the journey and write all about it.

Naming is claiming, and telling these stories is important.

Who’s the Chief Map Changer?

Hey there, I’m Kelly. A practical idealist, curiosity addict, sun seeking bibliophile, urbanist, forestbathing enthusiast, master procrastinator, mom to the #favoritesubject. I wish but I don’t regret, value relationships over institutions, laugh as much as possible and refuse to check boxes. A serial entrepreneur, these days you’ll find me trying to change the world by getting businesses to support renewable energy at my daytime gig and perfecting the art of wayfinding over at Travel Deeper.

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